About Alert

What is Alert?

Alert is a service that allows you to:

  • keep track of your applications and registered rights
  • create automatic searches and keep track of what your competitors are doing

Why should you use the Alert service?
Do you want to be updated on what is happening in the near future?
If you are going to stay in the forefront of your field, it is essential that you obtain knowledge concerning new technology or what your competitors are trying to get patented or registered.
By getting the most current information possible concerning new developments in the field of patents, new designs or new trademarks, we offer you the chance to take action before it is too late.

1. Start with a search in the search service
2. Create alert from your hit list by clicking on the bell

What you can do?

  • follow a particular case and be informed if
    • the case is due for renewal
    • the case is registered, rejected, withdrawn etc (change in status)
    • a letter is received or sent in the case processing (journal)
  • Be notified of future application filed by a specific company
  • keep up to date in a particular technical field (receive information concerning new applications)
  • identify possible threats to your own products as early as possible
  • Discover completely new competitors
  • find new partners, inventors, designers or investment opportunities


Follow competitors or subject area

  • Set up a search in advanced search (the search service), for example, for a competing company you want to follow. Look at the results in the hit list, then click the "Save Search" button to create alert.
  • You will receive an email alert every time the search finds new cases. Frequency and how you receive the alerts may be changed in the alert service. You can also add more email recipients.

Alerts on changes regarding a case

  • Mark the case (s) you want to monitor in the search service and click on the button "Alert case (s)". You will be alerted if the case changes status, if new correspondence is registered, and when there is approximately 1 month to renewal (payment).
  • New cases will be sent to the alert service and automatically included to the "Home" folder. You may create new folders and group the cases according to your needs.
  • You get an email every time a change occurs in your selected case (s). Choose "Handle case(s)" if you want to change alert frequency, how to receive the alert or move cases to other folders. You can also add more email recipients.


Only applications and registrations in Norway are covered by this service. The service is free.

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