The service offers two types of alerts. You may monitor the development within a certain area (enterprise, class, brand etc) by saving your search. If you wish to monitor in a spesific patent, trademark og design, you should alert this case.


Save search: Monitor competitors or area

Set up a search in advanced search (in the search service), for a competing enterprise, as at example. Look at the results and click the button "Save search" to create alert.

You will be alerted by e-mail every time there are new cases found for your search. Frequency and how you receive the alert may be changed in the alert service.

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Alerts on changes regarding a case  

Mark the case(s) you want to monitor, and click on the button "Alert case(s)". You will be alerted if the case changes status, if new correspondence is registered, and when about 1 month ahead of due date for renewal. New cases will be sent to the Alert service and automatically included in the Home folder. You may create new folders and group the cases according to your needs.

You will get an e-mail alert every time a change occurs in your selected case(s). Choose "Handle case(s)" if you want to change alert frequency, how you receive the alert or move cases to other folders.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Q: The alert service does not open when I click the button "Alert case(s)"!
    A: Please check if popup blocker is activated in your browser

  2. Q: I am not able to create alert on a search performed in Quick search
    A: An alert search can only be created from advanced search

  3. Q: May I add more recipient e-mails?
    A: Under the arrow on the right of each folder you may choose "Alert criteria" to add more recipient e-mails (applies to all cases in the folder).
    A: Under "Handle case(s)" you may choose "Alert criteria" to add more recipient e-mails (applies to selected cases).

  4. Q: Can I be alerted on cases not yet registered in the database?
    A: Yes, you can set up a search for a case number in Advanced Search that is not available, and click the Alerts search-button. When this case is available you will be alerted. You can then choose to follow the case by transfering it into a folder with cases in your account.